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Located in Warsaw, IN

Towards the end of 2015, Lyle Schrock experienced what many of us hope to avoid; he dropped his phone and it shattered on impact. Being a curious and self-driven individual, Lyle set out to fix his freshly battered phone himself.  He watched a couple youtube videos and after several failed attempts was able to successfully repair his phone and the phones of some of his friends. In this process, he realized he had stumbled upon a huge need in the technology market; so, in February of 2016 Lyle founded a new business, The Lab, in Syracuse, Indiana and started fixing phones in the evenings after his shift at his uncle’s metal fabrication shop. Business quickly grew, and by August of 2017 Lyle quit his job and started working at The Lab full time as owner and sole employee. By this point the shop had moved to Warsaw, Indiana which is where he also found his passionate, tech savvy co-worker, Jaden Kreft.

Currently, The Lab is located at 105 E Center Street in Warsaw, Indiana and can help repair any piece of technology regarding any component short of the motherboard: speakers, batteries, cameras, etc. The Lab is also a great resource for phone/electronic information and navigation; employees help customers learn to use and operate their devices in the most efficient way to meet their individual needs. This can range from understanding software upgrades to manipulating call settings.

Not only does The Lab focus on phone, electronic, computer, and tablet repairs and maintenance, they also strive to support the community via participation in First Fridays and hosting Friday night games at the shop where anyone is invited to stop by and participate in a free video game tournament.

Looking to future, The Lab hopes to expand its services by opening shops in nearby towns, further its involvement and support of the Warsaw and surrounding communities, and continue to provide the best electronic repair/information hub possible. With their unique focus on sharing tech information, helping customers better navigate their devices, timely top quality repair services, community involvement, and focus on creating smiles for every single person who walks through the doors, The Lab is a wonderful place to check out for any and all of your technology needs.

Over the years, The Lab has experienced many normal changes that come with a young expanding business: new locations, hour changes, staffing switches, expansion of their information base, etc. However, the mission of The Lab has been an unshakable foundation guiding every shift; their goal is to create the best possible experience for customers, turn a customers frown upside down, treat people fairly, and provide quality work and replacement parts. In other words, the heart of The Lab is their unwavering passion to making the world a better place one repair, one customer, and one smile at a time.


Our Mission is to bring a smile to your face. We are a total electronic repair shop. We repair phones, tablets, computers, drones, microsoldering, etc. If we can source parts we can repair.