About the Owner

Lyle Schrock

Lyle Schrock, owner of The Lab, grew up on a farm outside of New Paris, Indiana with little to no interaction with technology.  As the years passed he worked in a variety of industries and trades including several RV factories and a metal fabrication shop which fostered his curiosity and love for tackling new challenges.  So, naturally, in 2015 when Lyle dropped his phone and heard the unmistakable sound of the screen shattering, his desire to learn and expand his skills base kicked in. After watching several youtube videos, he was able to fix his phone and realized that many of his friends also wanted help fixing their phones. Consequently, Lyle founded The Lab, a shop dedicated to helping customers with their technology needs whether that be information based or repair.

With the help and support of friends, mentors, and other city employees, Lyle has grown The Lab into not only a venue for phone repairs but a place where the customer’s experience is at the heart of every decision, repair, and event.  He and his employees strive to create an environment at The Lab where learning, growing, and encouraging one another is a daily, unwavering expectation and where happiness is infectious.

Outside of his business, Lyle enjoys challenging himself; he ran his first marathon just outside of Chicago in October 2018 and is planning on competing in more marathons in the coming years. He participates in YAP (Young Adult Professionals) and enjoys travelling and seeing the world.  So, if you have the time, stop by The Lab in downtown Warsaw and experience the contagious happiness for yourself.