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Fixing A Cracked Screen: Tools & Techniques We Use

Phone Repair

Headshot of Lyle Schrock, owner of The Lab Posted by: Lyle Schrock 1 month ago

Complete screen replacement on an iPhone.

If you’ve had a cell phone for more than a month, odds are you’ve had to deal with a cracked screen. It’s one of the most common repairs we handle at The Lab and cracks range from tiny chips to huge spiderwebs that make the entire screen unusable.

If you’ve dropped your phone, accidentally kicked it into a wall, or it fell out of your pocket on a run, odds are we can fix the cracks that have shown up on your screen.

Our electronic repair technicians are armed with the latest tools and technology to fix a cracked screen and help restore your phone or tablet.

Our Favorite Tools To Repair A Cracked Screen

Precision Screwdrivers

This is one of the most basic and versatile tools we use, as precision screwdrivers can be used to carefully disassemble a phone or table so our technicians can assess the internal components. 

With screen cracks, you never know if the rest of the phone has been damaged until you take it apart, so it’s an important step in the process.

Hot Plate

Gently heating the edges of your phone or tablet using a hot plate that is set at a specific temperature is an essential step to safely soften the adhesives without damaging the rest of your device.

Plastic Guitar Picks 

Picks enable us to separate the screen from the frame without damaging the components. The plastic is softer and thin to help separate the two pieces. We like specifically made ones that are a bit bigger than actual guitar picks but have the same shape.

Anti-Static Mat

Preventing electrostatic discharge (ESD) from damaging the sensitive electronic components of your device is an essential part of the process. 

Our repair technicians work on an anti-static mat as they complete the screen repair process. We also use anti-static tweezers, which are essential to working with such small electronic components.

Precision Utility Knife

An x-acto knife with a straight blade is also an essential item to help separate the more challenging components on some electronic devices.

The Screen Replacement Process

Most screen replacements follow similar steps: 

  1. Apply heat
  2. Disassemble
  3. Remove screen
  4. Clean and prepare the device for a new screen
  5. Transfer components from the old screen to the new screen
  6. Install the screen onto the device
  7. Hand the device back to our smiling customer!

Once your repair is complete, our technicians will test your device to make sure the new screen functions properly and is completely bonded to your device before we return it to you.

Get Help At The Lab

Have a cracked screen on your phone or tablet? We can help!

You can schedule a repair appointment online using the button below, or stop in and see us during regular business hours.

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