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iOS vs. Android Repair: What’s Different?

Phone Repair

Headshot of Lyle Schrock, owner of The Lab Posted by: Lyle Schrock 3 months ago

In the world of smartphones, the choice between iOS and Android often extends beyond a simple preference for operating systems; it also impacts repair options and experiences. 

Whether faced with a cracked screen, battery issues, or software glitches, both iOS and Android devices require unique processes, costs, and outcomes. 

Let’s talk about the differences our expert repair technicians experience while repairing iOS and Android devices, including the factors that influence repairability, accessibility to parts, service options, and overall user experience.

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Availability Of OEM Parts

Android devices, specifically Samsung models, tend not to have parts available outside of their authorized system. While Apple does monitor the use of Apple-branded parts, both companies only make parts available that they want you to be able to replace.

Because of this, third-party parts and refurbished original parts have become the norm for many repairs, whether the device is an Android or an Apple product. These can all have the same functionality and reliability as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts as long as they’re being replaced with the right expertise.

One of the benefits of Apple’s replacement parts is that they typically decrease in price over time depending on the model, while Samsung replacement screens and batteries are more consistently expensive.

Software Integration

iOS devices are tightly integrated with Apple’s proprietary software, which can affect repair processes and diagnostics. The repair community has experts who have resolved most of this and given the repair community resolutions. Android’s open-source nature allows for greater flexibility in software customization. 

However, Android devices also have more compatibility issues and use different components for the same model at times. This can make them more difficult to source and have in stock.

Warranty Coverage

Both iOS and Android devices typically come with manufacturer warranties covering defects in materials and workmanship. All devices come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. This is anything defective with no physical damage. 

However, the terms and conditions of warranty coverage may vary between Apple and Android device manufacturers, affecting repair options and costs.

Software Updates & Support

iOS devices receive regular software updates directly from Apple, ensuring consistent performance and security enhancements over time. Apple devices’ software is updated 2-3 times longer than Android devices.

Android devices, on the other hand, rely on manufacturers and carriers to deliver software updates, leading to variations in update frequency and support longevity.

Both methods can present their own unique challenges, so if you’re noticing issues with your phone after a software update, bring it in so we can help!

Water & Dust Resistance

 Liquid damage is electronics’ worst enemy! Many iOS devices are designed with water and dust resistance features, such as IP67 or IP68 ratings, which can impact repairability and repair costs in the event of water damage. 

While some Android devices also offer water and dust resistance, the level of protection may vary between models and manufacturers.

Repair Costs

Repair costs for Apple and Android devices can vary widely depending on factors such as the extent of damage, device model, and warranty coverage. In general, repairs for iPhones and other Apple devices tend to be less expensive compared to Android devices, partly due to the Component/part availability from the manufacturer and repair processes.

The repair differences between iOS and Android devices stem from a combination of factors, including manufacturer control, software integration, aftermarket support, and repairability scores. 

The majority of repairs on electronic devices are still done by independent shops across the United States and the technicians in these shops have always been the leading force in developing repair processes.

Repair Your iPhone Or Android Phone At The Lab

Ultimately, understanding these differences should empower you to make informed decisions when deciding where to take your phone for a repair. The good news is that The Lab’s expert repair technicians regularly fix both Apple and Android devices, so you know your device is in good hands with us.

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