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Software Support Is Becoming More Vital For Repairable Devices


Headshot of Lyle Schrock, owner of The Lab Posted by: Lyle Schrock 10 months ago

Updated software is one of the biggest challenges to repairing your smartphone, laptop, tablet, and other electronic devices. For years, the main focus for repairing devices has been hardware. 

Getting access to parts for replacing batteries, fixing cracked screens, etc has become easier. However, the role that software plays has been largely overlooked until recently.

The Role Right To Repair Laws Play

The overall focus of the Right To Repair Act is that if you own something, you should be able to repair it yourself or take it to a repair technician you choose. The item’s original manufacturer should get no say in who repairs your device once you purchase it.

When it comes to software support for devices, the problem is that the Right To Repair laws aren’t inclusive enough. While they require manufacturers to give access to physical parts and information to diagnose problems, they don’t address the need for updated software.

The goal is to make electronic devices last longer by repairing them, not replacing them. However, there will always be a limit if software updates aren’t included as well.

In his substack article, Jack Monahan says, “Let’s take our friends at Apple as an example: right to repair laws such as those passed in New York State and, more recently, Minnesota, will force the company to make parts and information available for phones and computers. However, it won’t stop Apple from prematurely revoking software support for older hardware devices.”

The Ideal Solution

The best way to solve this issue is for companies to provide security updates and consistent software patches and updates for all of their devices on the market.

In short, the longevity of a device shouldn’t be limited due to software availability.

Unfortunately, that’s an expensive solution and most companies like Apple, Samsung, and other tech giants have little to no incentives to provide this type of solution.

The good news is that the European Union has started paying attention to this issue and are proposing regulations that will require these companies to provide at least three years of operating system updates and five years of software updates.

It’s a start, but if we want to keep our devices up and running well for ten or even twenty years, it’s not good enough.

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