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A Day In The Life Of A Repair Technician Creating Smiles At The Lab


Headshot of Lyle Schrock, owner of The Lab Posted by: Lyle Schrock 5 months ago

Being an electronic repair technician takes a special blend of skill, knowledge, and intuition. We thought it’d be fun to share a glimpse of what a typical day can look like inside The Lab for our staff.

Services We Provide At The Lab

Because we provide a variety of repair services, the days are never boring! We never know what type of repair could walk through the door, so our repair technicians are ready to help as soon as our doors open each morning.

Phone Repair

Cracked screens, damaged back glass, a battery that won’t turn on, or water damage…we’ve seen it all when it comes to phones. Our highly trained technicians have years of experience repairing every type of mobile phone.

Tablet Repair

We can repair iPads, Microsoft Surfaces, and Samsung tablets. We’ll always consider repairing other types of tablets, so if yours is acting up or needs a screen repair, bring it in for us to take a look. You can trust us to let you know whether it’s worth fixing!

Computer Repair

Our computer repair services have become one of the most popular options we provide our customers. Desktops, laptops, Macs, and PCs, doesn’t matter the model, we can help. Some of our most common computer services are hard drive replacements and data recovery.

Data Recovery

Worried about transferring data to a new device? Our technicians can help. Locked out of your accounts? That’s the #1 data service we provide at The Lab, so don’t worry, it happens to just about everyone and we can help!

The Mobile Lab

The Lab's mobile repair van parked at a curb in downtown Warsaw, Indiana

Have you seen our mobile electronic repair truck yet? This mobile version of The Lab is on the move in Fort Wayne, Middlebury, Syracuse, and other local areas to make getting your phone, tablet, or other electronic device repaired fast!

…And Everything Else

You might have noticed in the video that a repair technician was working on repairing a DSLR camera. Remember, we can provide repair services for just about every electronic device out there, so don’t hesitate to give us a call or stop by the shop!

Our Hours

Monday: 10am – 5pm

Tuesday: 10am – 5pm

Wednesday: 12pm – 7pm

Thursday: 10am – 5pm

Friday: 10am – 7pm

Saturday: 10am-2pm

Sunday: Closed