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We Can Fix That: Phone Speaker Problems

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Headshot of Lyle Schrock, owner of The Lab Posted by: Lyle Schrock 3 years ago

When your cell phone’s speaker stops working properly, it can negatively impact almost everything your phone does. The music stops playing, you can’t make calls using the speakerphone, and you don’t hear notifications. Your phone uses its speaker constantly and that means there is a high likelihood that it will eventually become damaged or simply wear out.

The speaker on your cell phone is constantly exposed to the environment and all the debris it contains. While your phone itself is built to withstand a lot of these environmental factors, its speaker doesn’t always protect itself well against small particles that can damage or muffle it.

Before you worry that you have a broken phone speaker in Warsaw, try:

  • Rebooting your phone
  • Checking for software updates
  • Making sure your volume levels are turned up. If you have an iPhone, make sure it isn’t set on “do not disturb” or vibrate.
  • Ensuring your speaker isn’t set on “mute” in any app
  • Taking your phone off “Headphone Mode”
  • Being sure your phone isn’t set to play sound through a Bluetooth speaker, TV, or other devices

Common Broken Phone Speaker Causes

Once you’ve tried all of the above simple fixes for a muffled or broken phone speaker in Warsaw, Indiana and haven’t been able to get your phone working, it’s time to bring it into The Lab. Our certified repair technicians can take a look at your iPhone, Samsung, or Google Pixel and diagnose the problem with your speaker. Whether you need your speaker repaired or completely replaced, The Lab can handle it for you.

Dirt & Debris In The Speaker

Your cell phone’s speaker vents collect all kinds of debris over time (makeup, dead skin cells, pocket lint, etc.) and that can cause the sound to become muffled. 

This isn’t a repair you want to try to do yourself. Using compressed air, chemicals, or water to try to clean your speaker at home can damage not only the speaker but your entire phone!

Liquid Damage

Damage from a liquid is a common cause of speaker problems. If you’ve spilled water on your phone or dropped it in a puddle, even if your phone starts working again, your speaker still might need to be repaired or replaced.

If you’ve spilled something like soda, juice, coffee, or tea on your phone, that can leave a sticky residue on the mesh that covers your speaker. Until that film is cleaned, the sound on your phone will continue to be muffled and distorted.

Improper Phone Storage

If you aren’t storing your phone in a clean, dry place, it can easily be damaged. Because your phone’s speaker is one of the most delicate parts of your phone, it is very susceptible to damage. 

Make sure to keep your phone in a protective case whenever possible. If you’ve dropped your phone recently without its protective case, that could be the cause of your speaker damage.

Software Issues

If your phone’s software isn’t working or is outdated, your phone might not be sending the right signals to its speaker. The good news is that most software problems are easy problems to fix that can be remedied with a simple software update or reinstall.

Bring Your Phone Into The Lab In Warsaw, Indiana

Muffled, distorted sounds caused by a broken phone speaker can make using your phone nearly impossible. Stop stressing about your phone’s damaged speakers and bring it into The Lab so we can help.

The Lab is located in the heart of downtown Warsaw at 120 E. Center Street, Suite A. We’re open until 5pm Monday-Friday and until 2pm on Saturday. We love walk-ins and our certified repair technicians are always here to help, so bring in your phone now!

This blog was originally published in January 2020 and has been re-released to include the most recent, relevant information.