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We Can Fix That: Visible Smartphone Damage

Phone Repair

Headshot of Lyle Schrock, owner of The Lab Posted by: Lyle Schrock 4 years ago

If you’ve damaged your phone, getting it fixed quickly is a must. We all use our phones for so much, being without our devices makes everyday life harder than it needs to be. At The Lab in Warsaw, we can fix nearly every type of visible smartphone damage you’ve inflicted. 

From shattered back glass to bent frames and broken ports, we’ve seen it all and can get your phone back to you as soon as possible!

The Most Common Causes Of Visible Smartphone Damage In Warsaw

Charging Port Damage

Accidentally put too much pressure on your charging port by yanking the cord out of the wall? Having trouble recharging your phone, even though the cord itself seems fine?

You might have damage to your charging port. Signs of a problem with this part of your phone can include the charging wire falling out, the cord not fitting tightly into the charging port, or your phone failing to charge, even when plugged in.

This isn’t damage that necessarily means you need to replace your phone, a simple cleaning or repair of your phone’s charging port will likely solve the problem.

Liquid Damage

If your phone hasn’t been submerged in water for a long time, you might still have a chance to repair it rather than replace it. If you dropped your phone in a puddle, accidentally spilled a drink on it, or otherwise exposed it to a small amount of liquid, bring it into The Lab to see if the damage can be fixed.

Before you bring your phone to our repair experts in Warsaw, take the following steps to protect your phone:

  1. Completely turn off your phone
  2. If possible, remove the battery
  3. Remove your SIM card
  4. Keep your phone as level and stable as possible, don’t shake it, as this can distribute moisture to other areas of your phone
  5. Gently wipe off any visible moisture from the exterior of your phone

Damaged Smartphone Buttons

Most of your smartphone’s functions can be handled using the touch screen, but you still have external buttons that need to work. If those essential buttons stop working or become damaged, it can keep you from being able to effectively use your phone. The home button, lock button, or volume buttons are often still external on most phones.

Buttons on your phone might be damaged because you dropped it or it was exposed to too much moisture, heat or extreme cold. 

The first thing our electronic repair experts will do to fix your phone is to professionally clean it. 

If cleaning your phone doesn’t fix the problem, we will dive a little bit deeper to determine the cause of the problem and potentially replace some of the components in your phone.

Shattered iPhone Backglass

Backglass is one of the iPhone features that make it look sleek and modern. Unfortunately, it can crack and shatter if you drop your phone. Even a tiny crack or chip can quickly expand, shattering the backglass entirely.

Many iPhone users think they have to completely replace their phone if they break the backglass, or face up to a $600 repair by sending it to Apple…but that’s not true! At The Lab, we have Warsaw’s only state-of-the-art laser designed specifically to repair iPhone backglass.

Our method for repairing the backglass takes less time than Apple, and is cheaper! Learn more about the process here.

Bent iPhone frames

Have you noticed your iPhone’s frame is bent? Does it look slightly warped and won’t sit flush on a surface? This is damage that you want to address as soon as you notice it happening. Having a bent iPhone frame can make other simple repairs much more difficult.

Over time, your phone’s screen will begin to lift away from the frame, which exposes the interior of your phone to liquid, bacteria, and corrosive elements. If you’ve noticed your iPhone start to bend, bring it into The Lab in Warsaw, Indiana and we can determine the best way to fix it and whether your screen may need to be repaired as well.

Smudged Smartphone Camera

If you’re noticing that all the photos you’re taking with your phone look “smudged”, there is a simple fix…clean it! Fingerprint smudges on your phone’s camera are nearly impossible to avoid, so what’s the best way to remove them?

Both Apple and Samsung recommend using a lint-free microfiber cloth to gently clean your phone’s camera. If that doesn’t completely clear up your lens, use a q-tip dampened with a small amount of distilled water and gently wipe your camera lens until it is clean.

If you’re still getting blurry photos from your smartphone after cleaning it, bring it into The Lab and we can take a look to see what else could be causing the problem.

Bring Your Phone Into The Lab

The Lab is located in the heart of downtown Warsaw at 120 E. Center Street, Suite A. We’re open until 5pm Monday-Friday and until 2pm on Saturday. Our certified electronic repair technicians are always here to help, so bring in your phone now!