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Tablet Repair

We can fix iPads, Samsung, and other tablets worth fixing

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iPadGlass & digitizer assemblyGlass, digitizer & lcd assemblyBattery & hdwe etc.
Mini 1,2,3 $124inquire for price$124
Mini 4, Air 2 glass only not available$245$124
iPad 1,2,3,4,5,6, Air $124inquire for price$124
iPad 7,8,9 $134inquire for price$134
Air 4 glass only not available285.69168.69
Pro 9.7, glass only not available$245$124-175
Pro 10.5,Air 3 glass only not available$345/329$124-300
Pro 12.9 2017 glass only not available$409$124-300
Pro 12.9 2018 glass only not available$489$124-300
Mini 5 glass only not available$309$124-300
Pro 11" glass only not available$499$124-300

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